Dr. Yelena Yesha - Founder, CEO

Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (UMBC). Director of CARTA. Author/Editor has co-published 14 books and +200 papers in prestigious refereed journals. Awarded external funding in a total amount exceeding $40MM.

Dr. Haibin Zhang - FOUNDER

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (UMBC). Haibin is one of the main inventors for Norton Zone, Symantec's secure cloud storage.

Dr. Sisi Duan - FOUNDER

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Systems. Director of director of the Distributed Systems and Security Lab at UMBC. Published 18 refereed papers Publications in the area of Distributed Networks and Blockchain. Dr. Zhang and Dr. Duan, together have implemented a number of well-known permissioned blockchain systems eg. ByzID, Bchain, causal BFT to name a few.

Anthony Deasey- CFO

AExtensive C-suite experience, Church & Dwight, Celsion Corp and Northwest Biotherapeutics, Rollerblade, World Kitchen Inc, and Seguro Surgical Inc. Tony has raised in excess of $100MM and managed 2 exit

Dr. Eliot Siegel - CRO

Professor & Vice Chair of Research Information Systems at the UMBC Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and Chief of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine for the Veterans Affairs Maryland Healthcare System. Professor of Bioengineering, at University of Maryland College Park.

Scott Bennet - Customer success Manager

Scott Bennet worked at IBM as a customer success manager (clients include: TD CIBC, Scotiabank, Walmart, Loblaws). Scott also worked in a number of startups to bring new innovative technology into enterprise infrastructure in the areas of IoT, AI/ML, advance analytics and online gaming.

Dr. Michael Mylrea - TECHNICAL ADVISOR

Adjunct professor at University of Maryland Baltimore Country. Dr. Mylrea leads various industry and government cybersecurity R&D projects, including one of the first and largest blockchain projects in the U.S.


Seasoned Engineering Executive at Yahoo!, IBM, participated in 6 successful exits (including tRed Hat) Karen is on multiple startup boards and participant in rIEEE: Smart Cities, Privacy/Ethical AI, Blockchain and Linux Foundation She is a mentor to young women and an author

Dr. Jacob Mendel - Technical advisor

Managing Director, The Moshe Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute at the Tel Aviv University. Serial cybersecurity entrepreneur, and former CEO & Co-Founder of SCsquare Ltd., where he founded a business enabler for cybersecurity technologies.


Director, International Council on Global Privacy and Security by Design. Seasoned senior leader and digital strategist at Yahoo!, Citi, CIBC, Aegis Media and social intelligence and AI technologies. Entrepreneur, author and contributor to Forbes.