Meet The Tenacious Pioneer Pushing Innovation To Address Real World Problems

"Dr. Yelena Yesha's triumphs with NASA, National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), National Science Foundation (NSF), the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), IBM, her leadership in the recent launch of the Center for Accelerated Real-Time Analytics (CARTA) at UMBC, plus her personal pursuits in developing solutions in healthcare, and now the recent launch of her Blockchain company, are glimpses into the life of a leader intent on changing the world."

Global Transformation with BlockChain: From Lab to Application

Despite its transformative potential, blockchain technology is yet to become mainstream. This is in part because the development and adoption of blockchains desire involvement from both developers and researchers with established experience in cryptography, security, and the theory of distributed systems. In addition, there are several challenges in blockchain research such as scalability and interoperability. Different challenges will also arise when deploying in different applications.

This workshop will discuss Blockchain technology research and development challenges by involving efforts from academia, industry, and government and state agencies.